Many services about contruction we can do approved, from the smallest to the largest scale we can fullfill it.

Fit Out

Our approach to business covers a complete range of products and services such as interior fit-out, furniture and panel manufacturing, mechanical and electrical installation, maintenance and logistics to offer you, managed by our project management team. One stop solution for you need.

Furniture Manufacturing

Our manufacturing ability allows us to offer a complete range of furniture by material, type and component with efficient cost, integrated work flow and high precision in supporting our business as a whole and fulfilling demands for distribution, projects, retail.

Building and Exterior

A well-trained and competent team in their fields. We are committed to providing the best service for you. Build residential buildings from individual houses and multi-unit housing projects, commercial buildings, shops, restaurants, hotels and other commercial projects.

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing

We also provide services to work on the MEP of your building, from mechanical, eletrical, and plumbing. The service we provide in the scope of this work is MEP


Concultation and Brainstorming

To discuss something that you want us to do. Exchange information and opinions about something to achieve a better understanding or to make a decision, or a meeting for this

Budgeting and Design

Plan based on your requirement, and assist you to estimate the cost based on your budget plan. By using this budget, you can see how much it will cost you to work on the project you want according to the agreed architectural design (interior/exterior)

Contruction Process

We will execute the project on site as approved design ,materials, and project schedule. With the two way and regular communication, we will make sure that the project will finally finish and handover to you on time and perfectly fit with your requirements.


Handover of projects that are carried out after all work has been completed. It includes documentation / contract as detailed and specific as possible including engagement requirements, data environment, and any equipment or product standardization that the client requires.

Maintenance Period

Period during which the contractor is obliged to guarantee the work or specified part of the work against damage and during which he is obliged to perform maintenance procedures. This maintenance for time and implementation has been agreed and written since the beginning of the project.